Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Neuro-Education Initiative at Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University recently announced their Neuro-Education Initiative, a program to develop the links between neuroscience and education. The program will involve a variety of opportunities to share current information, further research, and to develop new ideas by establishing a formal collaboration between the Brain Science Institute and the School of Education. The Initiative began this past summer and continues this fall with a series of interdisciplinary lectures. Starting in 2009, the School of Education will offer a 15 credit graduate certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching. The certificate program will be coordinated by Mariale Hardiman, a leader from the Baltimore Public School system who's published extensively on improving educational models through employing the findings of research in neuroscience. Information on the certificate program appears limited at this point, so it may be safest to assume that the program is available only to those who can be in residence at JHU, and not through distance learning at this point in time.

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