Friday, July 15, 2011

IEP meeting of the future: "Can I see that fMRI again?"

Nirvi Shah at Education Week's blog on Special Education notes the recent release of a report on the potential role that neuroscience could play in improving special education services.   Though much experimental work and analysis remains to ensure that ideas for improvement are supported by evidence before implementation, the potential shines through:
But when that research does catch up to the classroom, the results could be dramatic, said Monica Adler-Werner, who works at Ivymount School.
"My guess is that as much as what we're doing now is cutting edge, we'll look back in five years and see it as very primitive," she said. "We're at the beginning of a revolution in human understanding."
I can't wait for the first time I sit in an IEP meeting and read through a diagnosis that includes functional brain imagery!

(Also of note - I didn't know before reading Shah's post that George Washington University has a doctoral program that integrates neuroscience and special education. Her post provides the link if you're interested.)

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