Friday, April 14, 2006

Fossil Find Is Missing Link in Human Evolution, Scientists Say (National Geographic)

Also see the article from Yahoo News, and the article from the San Francisco Chronicle. The co-leader of this particular effort is Tim White at UC Berkeley, and it's noteworthy that SFC article is linked from the UC Berkeley research news announcement page. Specifically, the SFC reporter emphasizes the importance of the Middle Awash region in Ethiopia to providing hominid fossil data. Also, it's interesting to note how different news sources report on the same event: Yahoo's article title claims proof of evolution, while National Geographic and the San Francisco Chronicle seem to let the data present itself. Yet again, it brings up the issue of scientific literacy in the media, especially with regard to the differences between data, evidence, and proof. Perhaps the variety of word use and emphasis in these articles also demonstrates important differences in the scientific epistemologies of the authors.

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