Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life is busy

Wow, I started off here with a bang a few months ago, and I think I've just hit a wall over the past two months. First I got the stomach bug that was going around and was out of commission for a solid 48 hours. Catching up with missing a day of school is tough. You catch up, you get behind, and the cycle continues. Then Ayla was born, and it was great to take a day off to be with the fam, but again, got behind. Then the next week I took my old car in for an oil change, and came out 4 hours later with a new one -- OK, I guess I can't complain too much about that. But in any case, life's been busy. Last week I put a ton of effort into my self-evaluation for work - I'll probably post a bit of that material. It was great to have an opportunity to reflect back on the past two years of work since I wrote my first self-evaluation in my first year, when I was teaching part-time. My oh my how things can change - I'm teaching full-time, I've completely changed my thesis project, I bought a house with my partner and then we got married! Woosh!

So, long story short, I haven't had a lot of time to work on the ol' research project, but I was happy to get a comment from Mentifex, with a link showing that this blog has been linked from the Mind.Forth project on SourceForge. Tres cool! I'm looking forward to doing some reading and checking out the project in more detail.

In any case, I'll be on vacation from teaching for a week, starting tomorrow afternoon. I'll be putting some energy into putting some new material up here. I'm excited to make a presentation to our Cognitive Group at UMaine - perhaps not on April 20th as we had scheduled, but hopefully soon. I'm focusing my efforts a bit more (at least, when I have spare brain cycles) on a more narrow aspect of my work: developing a taxonomy for cognitive resources, with a particular emphasis on categorization according to functional roles involved with conceptual change (learning).

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  1. Sure, as you say, "life is busy," but the old saying still rings true: "If you want something done, assign it to a busy person."