Friday, May 30, 2008

Links! PLOS one articles of interest in May 2008

The following articles caught my eye this month in PLOS one ... they're on my reading list for possible inclusion here on BME. In the meantime, I thought that readers might enjoy checking some of them out.

Orientation Sensitivity at Different Stages of Object Processing: Evidence from Repetition Priming and Naming (Harris et al)

Enhancement of Both Long-Term Depression Induction and Optokinetic Response Adaptation in Mice Lacking Delphilin (Takeuchi et al)

Brain Networks for Integrative Rhythm Formation (Thaut et al)

Linking Social and Vocal Brains: Could Social Segregation Prevent a Proper Development of a Central Auditory Area in a Female Songbird? (Cousillas et al)

Imagine Jane and Identify John: Face Identity Aftereffects Induced by Imagined Faces (Ryu et al)

A Potential Neural Substrate for Processing Functional Classes of Complex Acoustic Signals (George et al)

Comparing the Processing of Music and Language Meaning Using EEG and fMRI Provides Evidence for Similar and Distinct Neural Representations (Steinbeis1 and Koelsch)

Visual Learning in Multiple-Object Tracking (Makovski et al)

Time Course of the Involvement of the Right Anterior Superior Temporal Gyrus and the Right Fronto-Parietal Operculum in Emotional Prosody Perception (Hoekert et al)

On How Network Architecture Determines the Dominant Patterns of Spontaneous Neural Activity (Galán)

The Encoding of Temporally Irregular and Regular Visual Patterns in the Human Brain (Zeki et al)

Citral Sensing by Transient Receptor Potential Channels in Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons (Stotz et al)

Long-Term Activity-Dependent Plasticity of Action Potential Propagation Delay and Amplitude in Cortical Networks (Bakkum et al)

Gender Differences in the Mu Rhythm of the Human Mirror-Neuron System (Cheng et al)

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